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Dimmable On Camera LED Video Light - ALZO 790

Low Cost and Powerful on camera video interview light with metal shoe mount
with a variety of battery options and the best Drop-in Filters

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ALZO 790 LED Video Light
shown with metal shoe mount
and the clear diffuser


ALZO 790 LED video camera light with drop-in filters
ALZO 790L components Include"
ALZO 790L Video Light
3 Drop-In filters


ALZO 790 LED on-camera light rear view with Li-ion battery compartment

Back & battery compartment


ALZO 790 LED on-camera light with dimming wheel



Bottom of shoe mount showing
1/4 x 20 female screw thread mount.
Use this to mount to a light stand or tripod.


Product Features:

  • 160 LEDs output 1000 LUX @ 1m full power
  • Dimmable to 3 LUX @ 1m - Daylight 5600K color temperature
  • NOW INCLUDING the ALZO Metal Shoe Mount for improved secure attachment to cameras and light stands.  inc: 1/4" x 20 screw thread
  • Includes 3 drop-in plastic filters  Clear Diffuser + CTO + Minus Green
  • Many battery options including SONY, PANASONIC & CANON DSLR
    see battery options below (may require adaptors)
  • 4-5 hours continuous operation with NP-F770 battery
    (NP-F770 included in ALZO 790 VIDEO LIGHT POWER KIT below)
  • Battery charge status indicators on back
  • High brightness tight beam angle = 30 degrees
    (1 m width @ 2 m distance)
  • Articulated support adjusts angls of light
  • Weight without batteries = 10 oz.
  • Dimensions  5.5w x 3.75"h x 2.25"d not including shoe mount & Battery
  compatible w/ Sony & AA batteries
  see list 1) below    Batteries are NOT included

  incl. light, battery, charger, car plug


   ALZO 790 Dimmable LED 2-LIGHT KIT
   w/ Light Mount Bar & Bubble Diffusers


790 Bright Dimmable LED Video Light







Comparison Chart of all LED Interview lights



Our economical ALZO 790L on-camera battery powered video light is perfect for lighting interview subjects and performing other close-up work. Use with camcorders, video cameras, and for DSLR video recording as well.

(see image below)

1) SONY Li-ion battery options including:
  • NP-Fh50, Fh30, Fh70, Fh100
  • NP-F550, F750, F960, F570, F770 (4-5 hrs) & F970 (6+ hrs)
  • NP-FM55H
2) AA battery (6 required) options include:
  • Alkaline, NiCad & NiMH
3) PANASONIC Li-ion batteries (adaptor required)
  • CGR-D16s, CGP- D28A/1B, CGA-D54SE/1B
    Adaptor is supplied with PANASONIC model (above)
4) CANON DSLR LP-E6 batteries (adaptor required)
  • FOR CANON EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 7D, 60D
    Adaptor is supplied with CANON model (above)
5) CANON DSLR LP-E8 batteries (adaptor required)
  • CANON EOS Rebel 550D, Rebel T2i

The LED's are beam focused to 30 degrees and effectively concentrate the light on the interview subject. Maximum working distance is 9 feet (3 meters).

The shoe mount included with the ALZO 790 is plastic. For professional use we strongly recommend purchasing our metal shoe mount option below.

ALZO 790 LED video camera light showing compatible Li-ion battery models
SONY NP-F                  SONY NP-Fh                  SONY NP-FM                   PANASONIC CG                 6 AA BATTERIES

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